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We’re aware that some organisations may wish to use their own existing in-house resource to attain a specific ISO approval. However, seeking a new ISO standard may take them beyond their current “comfort zone”. To address a clear market demand, we have created number of certification toolkits. They contain documentation, policies, procedures and controls that will guide those with  some knowledge of ISO standards through the steps towards a successful inspection audit.

What benefits are there in DIY ISO?

f you’ve ever been confronted with a copy of an original, raw ISO standard, you’ll know that just understanding the ISO-speak can be difficult.  Now try and grasp where to start with the implementation. Don’t worry – help is at hand. Our DIY packages provide all the documents required to comply with each of the standards, along with forms and registers. They simply need customisation into your own document style. They are exactly the same as the ones used by our own consultants.  Therefore, they have been tried and tested in many real management systems, and been certified by many certification bodies. In short, they are proven and effective. But That’s Not All… The remote consultation packages and training tutorials can then be used if you need additional help in customising the systems and modifying them to meet your unique business requirements.

What is included with a DIY ISO package? 

Three Distinct Components.  Firstly, a set of documentation standards. Next, for remote support, there is a 1 hour remote consultation slot. Finally, a series of tutorials and training documents to support each set of standards.

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